EuroTechnic was founded on the 1 May 1984 by Christian Jensen and Ole Kragelund. Their background and association with the then mobile industry in North Jutland, was at the start, the foundation stone for the company, but soon after the new company became a supplier to several local customers with electronic production needs.

Already in 1985, they needed to expand the production area and hire additional employees. Development continued the following years with more customers, and in 1989, they again needed to extend their production. In the course of the 90s, the first international customers appeared so in 2001, it became necessary to expand the production area again! Resulting in what the company has today, a total of 3,500 m2.

Through the years, the company has continuously invested in the automation of the different processes and can, therefore, offer flexible production with some of the latest production technologies within SMD production today.

They still have their local customers and and strong roots in North Jutland, but as today’s market for electronics is global, the company has more international customers who also contribute to the company’s continued development.