”Eurotechnic delivers what is needed by the customer – also when our solution differs from the standard”

About us

EuroTechnic was founded on 1 May 1984, a part of the development journey

since the beginnings of the electronic industry. When we started, a mobile

phone weighed four kilos and the first operating systems were introduced.

Since then, development has exploded, everyone carries mobile phones in

their pockets, and the components we work with today are smaller, lighter,

faster, cheaper, and better.

Our founders Christian Jensen and Ole Kragelund started out producing first

for the mobile phone industry in North Jutland. Soon after, they experienced a

growing demand from local customers with a need for electronics production.

Throughout the years, we have continuously invested in automising the

various processes, and today we offer flexible production with some of the

latest production technologies within electronics assembly and SMD production.

EuroTechnic still serves local customers and maintains its roots in North Jutland, but as the electronics market has become a global market, a growing base of international customers contribute to the company's continued development.

We emphasize close customer relationship, meaning we keep our customers well-advised and in good hands throughout the entire process. By keeping all our production and expertise in Denmark, we can control every step, and our customers can follow the process from idea to finished product, up close.

”We are responsible for guiding our customers every step of the way. Often Flemming comes directly with the customer into production, ensuring that there is a direct conversation between the operator and the customer. This way we achieve the optimal product and the most efficient workflows.”

Employer quote

40 years with Eurotechnic



EuroTechnic is founded by Christian Jensen og Ole Kragelund

First Pick n Place-machine


The first foreign customers reach out.



Introduction of 1.0 pitch BGA

EuroTechnic I/S changes to A/S


To keep up with demand we expand our production area to 3,500 m2



Ole Kragelund buys EuroTechnic A/S

Introduction of board handling and reballing equipment


Installment of screen printer Speedprint SP700 and 01005 feeder


Extra ADM SMD machine and dipfeeder


Heine Kragelund buys EuroTechnic A/S


EuroTechnic is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified






0.14 pitch BGA

Ersa selective soldering machine

Geothermal heating system put into use

Ersa Reflow Oven

ATEX Certification


40 year anniversary

Together We Make Great Solutions

The combination of our experience and your specific knowledge forms the basis for finding the right solution.

You benefit from the knowledge and know-how we have accumulated through many

years and many different projects, while we gain new knowledge and experience from working with your specific requirements for technical specifications.

The result is you specific solution.


our knowledge - your peace of mind



EuroTechnic A/S

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